Customer and his needs at the center of his work are the center of our job.

We look for tailor-made solutions for every operational need and type of company, ensuring total, immediate and highly customized assistance. Complete and avant-garde reality, able to offer the best solutions available on the market, Officina del carrello analyzes the needs and problems related to the handling of materials in warehouses and in outdoor areas …
… relieving the customer of any problems to guide him towards the best solution.


40 highly qualified and specialized technicians and a cutting-edge operational team allow us to respond in a timely, effective and personalized manner to all needs, for companies of all sizes, in any sector.

Our offices work side by side with the technical department, constantly committed to monitoring the satisfaction of our customers and their needs, to guarantee the best possible service.

A team of over 50 people, 1 service point in Punto Franco Nuovo in Trieste, 2 teams of specialized technicians permanently present for the management of mechanical workshops at the Commercial Port of Monfalcone and within the Danieli Group: a compact and dynamic to guarantee our customers the best services on the market.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

We are oriented towards innovation and we are always searching for cutting-edge solutions; we are certain that increasing the quality level of our services is essential to constantly improve our offer, since 2014 we are certified ISO 9001: 2015.

The ISO 9001: 2015 certification is the reference standard for those who want to subject their management to quality control, starting from the definition of the customer’s requirements, up to monitoring the entire process defined as the production process.

Since 2014, the Workshop of the Cart has been certified for the purchase, marketing, maintenance of forklifts and lifting equipment and for the training of operators assigned to the use of forklifts, aerial platforms and work vehicles.

Ethical code

Officina del carrello S.r.l. bases its internal and external activity in compliance with the principles contained in this Code of Ethics, strongly convinced that ethics in conducting business is to be pursued together with the success of the company.

The company’s management strongly believes in the ethical values ​​to which Officina del carrello S.r.l. he is inspired, believes that they are clearly defined and constitute an important element of corporate culture, he also believes that it will surely help maintain the integrity of the economic and human heritage. The Code of Ethics also has the specific function of promoting and guaranteeing the correctness and loyalty in the management of transactions and human relationships inside and outside the company with consequent increase in the company’s credibility. The recipients are therefore called to respect the values ​​and principles of the Code of Ethics and are required to protect and preserve, through their behavior, the respectability and image of the Workshop of the Cart Srl, as well as the integrity of its economic and human heritage .


The strong tension towards research and improvement together with an eye always turned to the future pushes Officina del carrello, in 2012, to choose to invest in renewable energy.
With the creation of a photovoltaic system and high efficiency that fulfills its total energy needs and a physical-chemical system for the purification of washing water, it is also necessary to maintain one’s attention and sensitivity towards respect for the environment and the territory.


Officina del Carretto by Giuseppe Vidoni has been operating successfully for 40 years in the goods handling sector.
The continuous trend towards improvement has allowed the company to grow, developing new skills and always reaching new goals, to be ever closer to the needs of its customers.


Giuseppe Vidoni with two partners founded a small authorized technical assistance center: “Officina del Carrello”. Although there was no lack of ideas and spirit of initiative, the spaces were too small. At that moment the idea of ​​moving was born, acquiring a space inside a body shop in via dei Tre Galli, in Udine.


With the increase in business volume, the need for space was amplified. The business moved to a larger factory, in via Sant’Ulderico, in Udine. This was followed by the creation of a spare parts warehouse and the implementation of new activities, including grinding. Since then Officina del Cart has not stopped growing.


Giuseppe Vidoni became the unique owner of Officina del Cart and led the company towards new growth horizons.
The staff began to increase and also the need for new spaces that could accommodate the new needs of the business.


The new headquarters of Officina del Carrello were inaugurated, in via Slovenia, 2, in the heart of the Z.A.U. A qualitative leap for the company which found, in the new location, an advantage for itself and for its customers, thanks to quick access to the most important regional arteries. The headquarters of Officina del Carrello is spread over an area of ​​18,000 m2, of which 3,800 are dedicated to the workshop and 900 to the offices. The architecture is modern, the spaces are large and functional. A vast showroom gives visibility to the latest news from the best brands on the international scene while the upper floor is divided into open space offices and rooms for company meetings and for training courses.


Officina del Cart opens a stable Service Point in Porto Franco Nuovo in Trieste. Since 2002 it has been operating in the New Port of Trieste as a sales and maintenance port company.


Since 2003 Officina del Carrello is permanently present in the commercial port of Monfalcone, where we take care of the management of the mechanical workshop and of the entire fleet of vehicles (forklift, cranes, tractors, etc.) of Compagnia Portuale.


At least 1 or 2 teams of our technicians work permanently within the Danieli Group, in charge of repairing the machinery.


The Trolley Workshop sector dedicated to training for forklift drivers was born.
Since then, the constant aspiration for improvement and the desire for growth have allowed us to expand the training offer with the introduction of new courses on aerial platforms and operating machines and have earned us the qualification of a trainer accredited by Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Officina del Carrello has achieved a new, important goal: ISO 9001: 2015 certification.
A new recognition that, once again, attests our vocation: to offer our customers the best solutions available on the market, guaranteeing personalized and customized assistance for every handling need.


Officina del Carrello has become partner of Linde MH. A prestigious collaboration that raises the level of our offer, allowing us to make the innovation and experience of a world leader in the sector available to all our customers, and not only.


With 15 mobile workshops and over 60 employees, Officina del Carrello is a constantly growing reality that intends to invest in the quality and specialization of its services to guarantee its customers a 360 ° partnership, able to provide innovative answers to new needs.