Do you need information or assistance on our products and services?

In modern companies, the handling of goods takes on an increasingly important role.
This is why, when you have to choose the right partner, the assistance service is even more important than the product sold.
In this sense Officina del Carrello is unrivaled.

Always the core business of the company, the Officina del Carrello assistance service boasts a team of 40 technicians, 15 mobile workshops and 3 permanent service points at the Port of Trieste, the commercial port of Monfalcone and the Danieli group.

A well-stocked spare parts warehouse, a state-of-the-art headquarters and the experience of our staff allow us to provide a complete technical assistance service on any equipment, of any brand and model, with low costs and efficient vehicles.

Planned maintenance

Our work team starts with a specific analysis of customers and, through a qualified consultancy service, allows them to optimize company efficiency and productivity through the choice of specific equipment and maintenance solutions.

This is why, in addition to the on-call one, we offer a Planned Maintenance service, which allows you to plan over time the checks to be performed on the vehicles, in order to minimize machine downtime and ensure the constant safety of your staff.

Planned maintenance can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer, the type of machinery and the hours of use of the vehicle during work and is performed by highly qualified technicians.

On-demand maintenance

Rapidity, speed and efficiency.

One of the strengths of the Officina del Carrello is the ability to intervene promptly at the customer’s site: with fifteen mobile workshops and a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians we are able to solve technical problems quickly and directly on site, without compromising the continuity of the business.
90% of urgent calls are handled within four business hours.

In the event of major breakdowns, Officina del Carrello will directly transport the vehicles to its headquarters, to save time and costs and be sure of perfect technical assistance.
In addition, to ensure continuity of work, we provide our customers with some “buffer” trolleys: vehicles that can be used temporarily to replace their own equipment being repaired.

Mechanical processing

Officina del Carrello realize also precision mechanical machining, which include:

  • Motor heads and motor shafts grinding;
  • Turning;
  • Welding;
  • Surface lapping;
  • Construction of mechanical components on drawing.

Check safeties

The legislation in force, art. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08, requires the employer to follow certain safety rules. Specifically, employees are required to be protected from any risks associated with the use of work equipment. It is therefore important to periodically check the state of wear of the latter.

Officina del Carrello also takes care of scheduling checks on vehicle safety devices, to ensure maximum efficiency.
These checks are carried out on a quarterly basis and provide for the issue to the customer of a “verification booklet” containing the results of the checks carried out.
The staff of the Officina del Carrello is constantly updated on safety regulations.